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Why Health Insurance is Much More Important Than You Think.

If you’re in good health, you may believe that health insurance is unnecessary. Here are some reasons to think again.

When we consider the value of health insurance, we generally imagine the worst-case scenario. Insurance is unquestionably important in the event of a major accident or sickness. A fractured limb may set you back RM7,500, and a three-day hospital stay can set you back Rm30,000. For more severe disorders, such as cancer, the cost of treatment may easily reach hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Medical expenditures are the leading cause of Malaysians withdrawing funds from their retirement accounts or declaring bankruptcy. It’s reason enough to make sure you have proper health care, but it’s just half of the story.

Treatment is less expensive with health insurance.

When you get health insurance, you immediately begin to reap the benefits. Even if your plan includes a deductible (the amount you must pay out of cash before your coverage begins), you will spend far less for office visits with insurance than you would without it, providing the health care providers you see are in your network. Some plans also provide free illness management programs and low-cost generic medications. Furthermore, having health insurance might help you avoid or detect difficult — and sometimes expensive — conditions early on.

Preventive care assists you in maintaining your health.

Some plans provide free preventative care, including yearly checkups and vaccines. Chronic illness management is included, as well as free health exams for blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and depression. Even if you eat well, exercise often, and are presently healthy, there is always the danger of an accident or sickness. Having health insurance might be the difference between receiving treatment for a health problem and not receiving treatment before it worsens. Hence medical insurance should form some sort of barrier against spending tons of money on your bike crash injuries. 


You can be assured of your coverage when you buy a health plan. Laboratory tests, prescription medicines, hospitalization, maternity and newborn care, mental and behavioral health, emergency services, and other important health benefits are covered by all health insurance plans.

Confidence brings peace of mind, enabling you to fully enjoy your life. Accidents happen to everyone, no matter how young or healthy they are. Staying protected helps you to enjoy your favorite hobbies without the worry of an accident – and the costs that come with it.

Without health insurance, you and your family are at a greater financial disadvantage than signing up for health insurance could possibly be, because of the penalty for not having coverage and the danger of infamously high unexpected medical bills. Make certain you have enough coverage. Hence, with medical insurance one can be peaceful and not have to worry about anything in life. This is because one can rely on insurance without worrying about spending tons of money on accidents and so on.

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