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Why Do We Need Accident Insurance In Our Lives

The existence of various types of insurance today has been adapted to the main needs of many people. In fact, many people are aware of the importance of having insurance for various unexpected events that can come and can be financially detrimental. Starting from health insurance for protection from medical expenses and care when there is a decline in health, life insurance for financial protection for families left by the insurance owner and travel insurance for protection when traveling out of town or abroad.

Now, there is one more type of self-protection insurance that is important to have. Especially for people whose professions work in the field or spend most of their time outside the office where the risk of accidents is higher. This insurance is personal accident insurance.

What is Accident insurance?

A type of loss insurance called personal accident insurance covers the possibility of accident-related mortality or total and permanent disability. Accident insurance is made to pay for medical expenses resulting from risks faced by the insured in the event of an accident, whether at work or while driving on the road, such as bodily injuries from an accident.

In order to lower the risk or potential financial loss while getting into an accident at work, while driving, or while traveling, That’s why we need to buy low premium medical insurance plan malaysia, insurance owners can benefit from having accident insurance in a number of ways, including:

  • Coverage for medical expenses or treatment due to accidents experienced such as temporary and permanent disability.
  • Treatment directly caused by an accident, incl. For example, the entry of viruses or germs into a wound suffered as a result of an accident
  • Provision of compensation or sum assured for families left by the insurance owner.


  1. Work Accident Insurance

Work accident insurance is a type of accident insurance that protects you from the risk of accidents at work. Be it inside or outside the office. Whatever the situation, if you are on assignment (working/working hours) and have an accident, the insurance company is obliged to provide compensation or cover the insurance owner’s insurance costs.

A number of benefits will be obtained by participants of work accident insurance, namely:

  • Coverage for medical or treatment costs due to work accidents. Such as minor injuries, severe, non-permanent smallpox and permanent disability.
  • Provision of compensation or insurance money for families left by workers.
  • The compensation will be given entirely to the family if a family member dies.
  1. Airplane Accident Insurance

Insurance specifically for those of you who frequently travel using airplane transportation. Plane accident insurance is required, if one family member becomes a victim, the family will receive compensation from the airline. Usually this insurance is included in the air ticket paid for by the passenger.

The carrier operating the aircraft must be responsible for the loss of several things, such as:

  • Passengers who die, are permanently disabled or injured
  • Lost or damaged cabin baggage
  • Lost, destroyed or damaged checked baggage
  • Air freight delay
  • Lost, destroyed, or damaged cargo
  • Losses suffered by third parties

When a plane crash occurs, other than plane crash insurance. The victim has the right to claim other types of insurance if any, namely:

  • Personal accident insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance, and
  • Travel insurance
  1. Personal Accident Insurance

Personal accident insurance aims to protect yourself from financial losses needed for treatment and care after an accident as well as things that can be obtained when you have an accident such as:

  • Dead
  • Serious injury
  • Minor injuries
  • Permanent disability
  • Temporary disability

Personal accident insurance is also widely owned by people with disabilities. To get comprehensive protection from the risk of accidents at work or public places.