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Traditional vs Modern medicine, what is it?


When it comes to health, we are always very aware of what we can do. We are always very aware in order to have good health and what not hence, we are always eating healthy, going through the things like exercise, cardio, weights, food dietary and more and doing all we can do in order to achieve a healthy life and also a healthy lifestyle. 

But we can never be too sure of the things in life. We can never be able to predict when we get sick or when we fall ill. We don’t  know and also may never know. So it is only a choice of cure or medicine. But what do I mean by that? Why is there a sentence that says a choice of cure? Is there not only a way to cure and that is through Doctors and Medicines? Actually no, because there are actually more than one way to be cured. What does that mean? 

In the world of medicine there are actually not one but two types and categories of medicine. There is something called traditional medicine and another is called modern medicine. So what are the two all about? We are going to talk about it today. 

What are the 2 Medicines about?

Medicine can be dated back to the time of man as the food that was consumed intertwined with spices and these are the products of medicine. So it is always there and there are no restrictions to consume them even when you are not sick. But when you are sick then there will be restrictions as to how much must be consumed and methods of making the spices or herbs matters. This is called Traditional Medicine or “Chinese Medicine”. But on the other hand, there is something called Modern Medicine. This is the so-called “ Western Medicine”. What modern medicine is in essence is the medicine as we know it today. The medicine that is provided to you are medicines that offer cure to targeted illnesses one at a time and this is called Single molecule medicine. Traditional medicine always talks of the body and all its biosystems as one and how it is interconnected but yet when it comes to Modern Medicine, they are always talking about the organs being different non-related entities that need to be addressed separately. These are the core differences.


So which do you choose?

Ultimately they are of two different types of medicine and targeting two different problems and that means that you can ultimately use it for different reasons and it will not be a problem for you. Chinese Medicines are always more about taking care of or to align the body with regular intake to give nurture and preventive care. So if you are one who takes the process slow and to align the body as one whole biosystem then Chinese Medicine is for you. Do not think that Chinese medicine can only align and nurture but it can also help to heal as what they “保肝寧b型肝炎中藥馬來西亞” and in translation means Hepatitis B inflammation chinese medicine. Chinese medicine can heal as well. 

Modern Medicine on the other hand is what we know of today. Penicillin, antibiotics and more are the types of medicine that we use and as we all are most familiar with, it can help heal and give us a cure and only a cure when we are ill hence it is called Single Molecule Medicine. 

It is your choice to see which fits you the best and which you are more comfortable as well as suits your body more. 

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