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Nursing Pillow Benefits

If you are a new mother, you are about to have the experience of a lifetime! Suddenly, the words “sleepless nights, poopy diapers, colic, reflux” will take centre stage in your life. Remember to nurse your baby as well! Breast milk is like manna from heaven for your infant. But becoming a nurse is not an easy job. The ordinary chore of feeding your child could become a nightmare due to a number of factors. Here are a few of them: Contributing causes include an inadequate latch, insufficient supply, bad posture, cracked nipples, thrush, back pain, and mastitis.

Therefore, it would be best if mothers start using nursing pillows when feeding their babies. You can purchase these at new mother nursing products.

  • Pregnancies are Made Easier

You can use a breastfeeding pillow before giving birth, yes. To ease the discomfort of your third trimester of pregnancy, just use it as back support.

  • Babies Would Have a Good Latch

The cushion’s main purpose is to bring your infant close to your body. You must do this if you want your child to develop a strong latch. Healthy latching results in pain-free feedings.

  • Healing from a C-section

A breastfeeding pillow can be a great alternative if you are healing from a c-section. It protects the wound and encourages rapid recovery. Furthermore, you don’t need to hold your child as tightly.

  • Reflux Relief

Reflux and colic are common in infants. If you feed your baby without giving her the right support, these problems can get worse. A feeding cushion can provide support while avoiding reflux, colic, and other gastrointestinal problems in the baby.

  • Supports Both Mother and Baby

Fun fact: feeding cushions were first used to assist babies to sit up! When your infant is ready (between 4-6 months of age), you may use your feeding pillow as support and expose him to the delights of sitting up.

  • Improve Muscle Strength 

You can lay your baby on the pillow with her stomach facing up. She will be motivated as a result to use her arms and legs more, developing her muscles.

Nursing cushions do help with situating the baby, albeit they are not always necessary. The cushions’ main function is to make it easier to support your arms, neck, and back. Your own preferences will determine how to choose a breastfeeding cushion that is pleasant for you and your infant.

O-shaped breastfeeding pillows provide flexible, cozy support and are easy to use. They also make wonderful supportive pillows for your baby to sit on their bellies and rest.

How Long Should You Use a Nursing Pillow?

Infants between the ages of two and three months old are capable of lifting their heads for small periods of time, but they quickly tire. which, depending on the baby’s starting posture or when they get tired, can be dangerous. The majority of newborns are more resilient between the ages of 4 and 6 months, and they tolerate using the nursing cushion during tummy time better. Once your child begins to creep or crawl, there is no need to continue using this pillow.