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Is Studying Medicine Worth It? Here’s The Answer

bachelor of medicine and surgery malaysia

Studying medicine has always sounded terrifying and difficult. This is one of the stereotypes that our people have for those who are studying in this field. Those who are currently studying or had studied a bachelor of medicine and surgery Malaysia, are immune to this stereotype. The common questions that they have to answer are “ isn’t medicine difficult? ” or “ is it worth it?”. Well, the answers to these questions will be discussed further in this post. We will unravel the questions to these questions in this post, so do bear with us!

What Can You Do With a Medical Degree?

bachelor of medicine and surgery malaysia

When asked about what are the careers that can be pursued with a medical degree, most people would think of doctors, pharmacists and other kinds of healthcare workers. It is actually more than that, whereas it can cover not only in the hospitals or clinics but other industries. These are among the jobs that you can try with any medical-related degree:

  • Health Educator

Have you heard of health educators before? They are responsible for educating and teaching people who want to live a better and healthier lifestyle. Most of the time, they are focused on teaching you about the correct and good nutrition consumption other than advising you to change to a better lifestyle. Among their main focuses include making assessments on their patients, collecting data and making analyses and providing consultation sessions. 

  • Research Scientist

Research scientists are obligated to do quite a number of responsibilities. They are the ones who usually carry out experiments and investigations in order to make new findings. These people are able to work in many fields, mainly medical fields such as pharmacology and medical research. Most of the industries that would need their presence are the government laboratories, universities and pharmaceutical producers. 

Is Medical School Worth It?

bachelor of medicine and surgery malaysia

This could be a controversial question. Most people would say that it all depends on their passions. This is true, when you have passion, you can do almost everything. But most importantly, you need to have the most crucial thing, which is money. But, don’t worry much about this. As long as you excel in your study, you would most likely receive a scholarship to pursue your study. Passion alone is not enough, you shouldn’t rely solely on your passion.

If you were asked this question, you need to answer it from the bottom of your heart. It all depends on your willingness and your ability to strive in this field. To pursue a medical field, you have to excel in science subjects such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Other than that, your Mathematics skills should be more than enough as there are so many smart people these days. This is why you have to be the best among the best. So, is it worth it? The answer is yes if you have all these aspects: money, good grades and passion. If you think that you are equipped with these, it is a sign for you to study bachelor of medicine and surgery Malaysia.