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Apps That Foodie Need To Have

Food apps are undoubtedly among the most essential applications for every foodie’s phone. Food apps are fantastic, whether you want hundreds of recipes at your fingertips or the ability to practically wait in line at a café so you can come in once your waiting time is up. Nobody like waiting so as restaurant owners, you should have mobile pos system malaysia too. 

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I feel that every gourmet should have the applications listed below on their phone. You’ll find the right app to help you conquer your next eating experience, from earning free meals at restaurants to uncovering excellent cooking tips from your favorite top chefs.

Trip Advisor

This “travel app” may have some of the most accurate restaurant reviews available. Trip Advisor also has restaurant rankings by location, so you can see which restaurants are the hottest and best-rated in town. It’s a fantastic tool for anyone who wants to browse reviews of restaurants before making a dining selection.

This application is a must-have if you’re a Starbucks fanatic. To begin with, owning a Starbucks app grants you access to free Apple music, games, and applications, as well as information about Starbucks drinks. Second, and perhaps more crucially, having a Starbucks profile and registered cards through the app entitles you to free coffee refilling and even free beverages if you match the requirements.


I’m going to tell you the truth about Yelp. Some of the evaluations are difficult for me to believe. Don’t get me wrong: some of the reviews are excellent, but others are harsh. However, their directory of restaurant ratings is extensive, so it’s always a good place to go when looking for a tasty meal.


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Foursquare is the one app that anybody who eats out frequently must have. Foursquare, you see, gets no love. People despise checking in, and it appears that they don’t care. If you enjoy free meals and discounts, though, Foursquare is a must-have.

Kitchenbowl’s Fork It

Fork It’s a fantastic software for anybody who wants to prepare more often at home but lacks the drive or consistency to do so. Thanks to daily check-ins as dishes are prepared, this app helps transform cooking into a game (like making gluten free vegan roasted red pepper pasta.). You may also participate in cooking challenges with your friends, which can help you develop healthy habits by motivating you to cook at home.

Chefs Feed

Chefs Feed is becoming increasingly appealing to me. This app offers you great foods in your region that have been suggested by some of the country’s best chefs. There’s nothing quite like getting venue and dish suggestions from Michael Mina himself.

Open Seating

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could make restaurant reservations on your phone and get cashback? It’s feasible, thanks to Open Table! Simply create an account and use their app to make reservations at your favorite eateries. You earn points for every visit to an approved Open Table restaurant, which you can then use for cash back or vouchers.